Are you having difficulty finding NLI sessions that meet your individual needs?

Do you have an idea in mind for how to get the content-specific professional development that you need?


We are dedicated to helping you make the most of your professional development time commitments.  In addition to the self-paced professional development options, NLI offers support for Design Your Own Curriculum (DYOC) opportunities for credit. DYOC participants work with NLI staff to develop a professional development plan to earn some or all of the required 12 hours of professional development.


DYOC plans must address how the activity, project, or research project will impact professional practice in the areas of technology-enhanced teaching/learning, research, or productivity.  Additionally, each plan should describe how mastery is demonstrated or learning assessed.  Examples of assessment or demonstration might include a short paper, participation in faculty panels, or facilitating NLI sessions for interested faculty.


To see if DYOC is right for you, complete the form below.  Within 48 hours a representative from NLI will contact you to talk with you about your professional development plan.