Presenting Data Effectively: Communicating your Findings for Maximum Impact
Friday, March 20, 2015
Stephanie Evergreen, Ph.D.

PowerPoint PresentationHow Data Visualization Changes the Conversation
Unthoughtful data visualization costs audience time, money, and patience. It foreshortens the conversation. Intentional data visualization clears the way for thought leadership and intellectual discussion. Full of guidelines, after this session you’ll be better able to package your data so it represents your quality, so it changes the conversation.

9:30-10:30am Hillcrest Hall Enroll Here

How to Present Data Effectively
Crystal clear charts and graphs are valuable – they save an audience’s mental energies, keep a reader engaged, and make you look smart. In this session, you will learn the research-based best practices that inform smart data visualization. You will leave with practical steps you can immediately take to massively improve the way you present data.
11:00-12:30pm Hillcrest Hall Enroll Here

How to Become an Excel Ninja: Hands-on Data Visualization Construction
Excel can be a powerful and accessible tool for data visualization – if you know how to use it right. In this session, you will manipulate Excel into making impactful charts and graphs, step-by-step, using provided data sets distributed to the audience. This session will take place in a computer lab. Completing the session moves one to Excel Ninja Level 10.
2:00-4:30pm Newman 207 computer lab* Enroll Here

* Space is limited, advance registration required

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TLOS Fourth Fridays Forum: WordPress and blogging at VT — a brown bag conversation exploring future directions with current users of the WordPress platform
Friday, Febuary 27th,
11:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.
Torgersen 3080


Please join us for a brown bag lunch conversation on Friday, February 27 from 11:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m. in 3080 Torgersen.  During this time we invite discussion about how faculty are approaching blogging at Virginia Tech and using the VT WordPress blogging platform.  This is an opportunity to share experiences with blogging platforms and well as challenges that have been encountered.  Ultimately, we hope this conversation ignites a proactive exploration of the future of blogging at Virginia Tech.  Light refreshments will be provided.


The room has a 15-person limit, so please register via the provided link to attend:  Enroll Here

What does intrinsically motivated learning and exploration look like?  #VTHacks in action….

Just in case you missed the excitement this past weekend, here are a few short video snippets of VTHacks in action.  The featured video is an all-female team whose innovative app promotes equity via safer traveling options for all.  Additional links feature other hacking fun and innovation.


Crowdbox Project at VTHacks 2015

(Codr) Project at VTHacks 2015

Creativity with Leap Motion VTHacks 2015

Oculus Rift in action at VTHacks 2015


Whether you are due for a new computer this academic year, or four years from now, you can begin earning NLI credits NOW! All Networked Learning Initiatives (NLI, formerly FDI) credits earned during the four years preceding your new computer due date count toward your computer refresh certificate. To receive your new computer on your due date, you must have earned 12 credits on your NLI transcript. Once you receive your new computer, your NLI transcript will reset and you may start earning credits toward your next computer right away. NLI hosts hundreds of sessions and special events throughout the year and provides new computers to eligible faculty. New to the “12 over 4” program this year:

• 12 credits needed to earn a computer refresh certificate (previously 17)
• Credits earned within 4 years prior to refresh due date apply
• Implementation project options available

Learn more about NLI.

Computer Refresh Program

compRefreshBackgroundGreyNLI partners with the university’s colleges to outfit full-time teaching faculty with up-to-date computers.
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NLI Curriculum

comp_refrshThe curriculum is organized into themes to facilitate the course selection process.
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