April 18, 2014

billonmyNLI invites you to attend the Virginia Tech Department of Physics Colloquium with featured speaker, Andy Rundquist, from Hamline University, on Friday, April 18, at 2:30 p.m. in 210 Robeson Hall. Colloquium description from Andy Rundquist: I decide what to do in my next class by looking at what makes me crabby in my current class. This has led me to pedagogical experiments ranging from flipping my teaching to standards-based grading with voice. The former has helped me use my precious class time, and the latter has turned upside-down my notions of assessment and evaluation. My students now make videos of their work, and I find I'm spending as much time on accuracy as on attitude and enthusiasm. I feel my experiments have helped me grapple with cheating, student ownership, student agency, and my sanity. Join me for a conversation about physics teaching and, more to the point, physics learning. Whether you teach in a STEM field or not, Andy Rundquist’s take on active and engaged learning can inspire what you do in your own teaching. Join your colleagues in Physics and let your aspirational science nerd self out for some fun and excitement on a Friday afternoon.


NLI (A Re-Envisioning of FDI)

Aligning with the university's new strategic plan and with the evolutionary coalescing of several award-winning units into Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS), NLI emerges from FDI - a long-standing signature program for faculty development at Virginia Tech-with a new name and some new directions.Read More

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