Design Your Own Curriculum

Still need NLI credit? Not finding any NLI sessions of interest to you? Did you know that you could tailor NLI sessions and credits to your interests, research or work? NLI is offering a design your own curriculum opportunity. Come meet with us and we can help provide sessions that are pertinent to your research and teaching. You can design your curriculum for up to 12 credits.


NLI will offer sessions to explain how we can tailor classes to your needs, get you signed up for them and help get you started to completing your NLI credits.

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Whether you are due for a new computer this academic year, or four years from now, you can begin earning NLI credits NOW! All Networked Learning Initiatives (NLI, formerly FDI) credits earned during the four years preceding your new computer due date count toward your computer refresh certificate. To receive your new computer on your due date, you must have earned 12 credits on your NLI transcript. Once you receive your new computer, your NLI transcript will reset and you may start earning credits toward your next computer right away. NLI hosts hundreds of sessions and special events throughout the year and provides new computers to eligible faculty. New to the “12 over 4” program this year:

• 12 credits needed to earn a computer refresh certificate (previously 17)
• Credits earned within 4 years prior to refresh due date apply
• Implementation project options available

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Computer Refresh Program

compRefreshBackgroundGreyNLI partners with the university’s colleges to outfit full-time teaching faculty with up-to-date computers.
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NLI Curriculum

comp_refrshThe curriculum is organized into themes to facilitate the course selection process.
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